IMMIGRA LEX Legal Consortium (ILLC) assist multi-national corporations, educational institutions, technology start-ups, the creative sector and individuals such as investors and entrepreneurs.

Our corporate services cover visa sponsorship for employers and visa sponsorship management system.

Contact us for further information on:

  • Immigration refusals
  • Tier 2, tier 5 and business immigration
  • Tier 4 and immigration for educational establishments
  • Training, sponsor compliance audits, prevention of illegal working and due diligence service
  • Global mobility and intra-company transfer services

Post Brexit status of EU workers

We can provide comprehensive assistance to your company in ensuring that your EU citizens workers retain their right to reside in the UK post-Brexit. We can support your EU staff by making applications for a status documents before Brexit. It will help you remain compliant with the law and contribute to stability of your workforce.

Recruitment from outside of the EU and sponsor’s compliance

Reliance on  international workers requires sponsor licence. Securing and retaining the licence is not as straight forward as it used to be. Since the burden of managing immigration risk has been shifted to companies, recruitment departments began to struggle to remain compliant with requirements.

We offer guidelines regarding advertising and the resident labour market test, assigning the correct certificate of sponsorship, can assist to obtain licences and prepare your organisation for an audit.

We closely monitor any changes in a corporate immigration law and will always keep you informed of they impact on your business.