IMMIGRA LEX Legal Consortium is an innovative, dynamic and highly progressive professional consultancy and legal practice providing specialist support to individuals, corporate clients and public-sector organisations, wishing to attract their clients from outside of the European Union.

UK immigration laws are strictly enforced and the consequences of misunderstanding the right to be here can be very serious. It can include the risk of detention and, or removal. It is therefore essential to consult a specialist immigration firm if you are unsure about your position, or the position of your family or friends.

ILLC offers comprehensive range of immigration services to private clients and companies based in the United Kingdom and overseas. We have the expertise and experience in handling the most complex of cases and can assist you with every immigration matter.

We can help with the following:

  • getting permission to enter the UK in desired capacity
  • getting permission to stay in the UK longer than originally intended
  • getting permission to be allowed to work
  • bringing relatives into the country, for example, a spouse, fiancé(e), unmarried or same sex partner, children, parents or grandparents
  • obtaining settlement in the UK
  • appealing against removal or deportation from the UK
  • appealing against any other immigration decision
  • obtaining bail from immigration detention centre or prison
  • applying for reconsideration or administrative review of refusal
  • applying to become a British Citizen
  • obtaining temporary admission to the UK for those refused entry at port or airport and certain overstayers.
  • obtaining sponsorship licences under UK immigration law.