IMMIGRA LEX Legal Consortium (ILLC) operates a fixed fees payment policy.Our fee scales are comprehensive and include prices for all our services.The level of fees for some services will be lower, if we have dealt with your case in the past.

If unsure, what fees would be applicable to your matter, you can always ask us for a quotation.

Fee Guarantee

Our quoted fee for the services required will always correspond with the fees we have displayed on our website and we would never increase it during our engagement.

The fee is a binding component of our contract with the client and will remain the same until the job we were instructed to do on your behalf is completed. It can only change in limited circumstances (please see below).

Quotations and Estimates

The provision of figures (orally or in writing) for the likely cost of our service is an estimate only and does not constitute a contract to carry out the work at that cost. We can only provide you with an accurate quotation following formal consultation and when we have provided you with a legal advice as a result.

The provision of a written quotation for work in the contract constitutes an offer to carry out the work at that cost and does not become binding until you accept the quotation or a defined part of it.

Where we carry out work which falls outside the scope of an accepted quotation (or of an estimate which is subsequently incorporated into a contract between us) we may charge fees at our fixed  rates, in addition to the quoted or estimated fee.

We may also charge additional fees on the same basis for work within the scope of such a quotation or estimate which is made more time consuming, onerous or urgent as a result of circumstances or information which we did not know or could not reasonably have anticipated at the time of the quotation or estimate, whether or not you were aware of them, or your act or omission.


You will be responsible for consular, Embassy or High Commission and Home Office fees for the applications and fees to the Tribunal or court for the appeals or applications.

Our fees do not include costs of interpreting and/or translation of documents, costs for psychiatrists, doctors or other professional report(s) that may be needed as evidence and they need to be paid separately.

You will also be responsible for paying the expenses we incur in the course of providing the Services, including postal and courier fees, travel outside London to e.g. hearings, prison visits or interviews or expenses of third parties instructed at your request,. We have no obligation to pay for such expenses unless you have provided us with the funds for that purpose.

Termination of instructions

The consultation fee is non refundable however, fees for other services, in case of cancellation of instructions to the firm, will be calculated pro rata parte.

Upon termination of instructions the client should be liable only for fees and payments to the date of termination including any fees or payment for work necessary in order to transfer the matter to another advisory firm or solicitor. Any particular fee will be subject to change if extra or unexpected work were undertaken by the firm to complete the application or appeal or if it becomes necessary to instruct a Barrister then the client would be informed in advance and an agreement reached with them. However, the client would be given an opportunity to impose a limit on the amount of charges to be incurred and ILLC will inform the client when the charges have reached an agreed figure.

Payments on Account

We will normally require payment of our fees on account upon instruction. Details of our client account are available on request, we also incorporate them into the contract with the client. We also accept cash payments in the office and you can also pay by cheque or make a transfer to our client’s account directly. We may require you to make a payment to us on account of our fees and expenses at any time and on more than one occasion. Money paid on account which is not subsequently required for fees and expenses will be returned promptly.

Our Invoices

Unless otherwise stated in our contract, we will be entitled to invoice you in respect of our fees and expenses on completion of each matter. Money held on client account remain client’s until the invoice is raised for our services and funds moved to our business account.

Overdue payments

Interest will accrue on all debts over 30 days until the time they are paid at the rate of 8% above the bank of England’s Base Rate. Any debts that have to be chased will incur a handling charge of £45.

We will issue reminder letter at 30 days, a call and reminder 14 days after that giving 7 days notice, after which we will commence debt recovery proceedings.

Withdrawal of Service

If you fail to complete your payment within the required time frame, we may suspend or terminate the provision of all or any services and will invoice you for all accrued fees and expenses.

We will not retain your documents during fees recovery process.

Money Laundering Regulations / The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002

We need to verify the identity and permanent address of all new clients and we require to see your documents as requested during our consultation (certified copies might be acceptable only if you are sending them by post).