Fee Schedule for EEA Immigration 

Initial Consultation/Legal Advice/Opinion in the office (1 hour diagnostic meeting) (Not Refundable) £150
Initial Consultation/Legal Advice/Opinion on-line (Not Refundable) £190
Consultation in prison/Immigration Removal Centre £450

EEA/European Union Applications 

1. Family Permit-applicant overseas £950
    (fiancee- £1250
2. Registration Certificate £850
3. Residence Card £1050
    /Derivative Residence Card £1050
4. Permanent Residency Certificate/Card £950
5. Dependant children under 18 years old £350
6. Representations prior to deportation decision £1800
 7. Revocation of Deportation Order £2270
8. Re-submission of the application
– if the application form has changed £250
– if the application form remains the same £125
– if our representation needs to be altered due to the change in circumstances or law £125
9. Immigration status document £450
10. Immigration permanent status document £650


1. Naturalisation £1050
2. Registration- adults £1350
3. Registration- minors £850
4. British passport application £350


First-tier Tribunal
1. Determination of appeal on papers £1270
2. Counsel/Barrister’s instruction/fees for Tribunal hearing £450-£650
3. Notice of appeal £700
4. EEA Deportation appeal – general grounds £2300
– serious grounds £2500
– imperative grounds £2800
5. Removal Appeal  (including notice of appeal) £2400
6. Refusals/Other cases £2200
7. Case management review (CMR) hearing £650
8. Leave to appeal (ILLC’ case) £850
    New case £1600
9. Reconsideration hearing ILLC’ case £1600
    New case £2800
10. Paper application to adjourn the hearing prior to the hearing £250
11. Advocacy in adjourned hearing, when requested on substantial hearing by the Respondent or the Appellant £650

Upper Tribunal 

1. Leave to appeal (ILLC’ case) £650
    New case £2400
2. Reconsideration hearing (ILLC’ case) £1400
    New case £1800-£2400
3. Counsel/Barrister’s instruction for IAC (Tribunal) hearing) £599
4. Application to adjourn the hearing prior to the hearing £199
5. Adjournment of the hearing at the Tribunal (by the Respondent or the Appellant) £550

Immigration Detention 

1. CIO bail/ Temporary admission/release £850
2. Tribunal bail and advocacy £1400


1. Transfer of file from previous representatives £50
2. Notice of representation to the Home Office/Tribunal £50
3. Request for medical report £250
4. File retrieving fee £50
5. Letter to MP £250
6. Letter to Employers or other third parties £150
7. Further representations/submissions (ILLC’ case) from £250
8. Further representations/submissions (new case) from £850
9. Duplicate of documents/certificates £450
10. Subject Access Request (recommended in complex cases) £450
11. Reconsideration of refusals (ILLC’ case) £850
      (new case) £1450
12. Chasing up biometric card £50

* The clients are responsible for any fees to the Home Office or High Commissions, travelling expenses to and from interviews or hearings outside London, courier fees,interpreting and or translation of documents, costs for doctors or other professional report(s) that may be needed as evidence.

Upon termination of instructions the client should be liable only for fees and payments to the date of termination including any fees or payment for work necessary in order to transfer the matter to another advisory firm or solicitor. Any particular fee will be subject to change if extra or unexpected work were undertaken by the firm to complete the application or appeal or if it becomes necessary to instruct a Barrister then the client would be informed in advance and an agreement reached with them (see our terms & conditions of contract). However, the client would be given an opportunity to impose a limit on the amount of charges to be incurred and ILLC will inform the client when the charges have reached an agreed figure.