IMMIGRA LEX Legal Consortium (ILLC) collects three types of information (online and when you contact us by post, telephone, attend consultations in the office and provide us with your documents):

About you – the information you type in on the website or otherwise provide in writing by post or over the telephone and during consultations in the office

How you use ILLC website – because we can track this using ‘cookies’ but would only use this information in order to improve our website to ensure that you have a satisfactory experience, when visiting.

Documentary evidence that you authorised us to handle on your behalf in order to receive immigration advice or other legal services and facilitate ILLC’ representation.

We consider the following to be confidential Information:

  • All information about our clients such as: their personal and contact details, application information, evidential and documentary information, instructions, advice and action agreed.
  • All immigration applications, interview and attendance notes and supporting information.
  • All information about our staff and experts or third parties such as: personal contact details, salary and expense details, training records and work related issues and any other information held on their personnel files.
  • Documentary information such as minutes, appraisals, memos, supervision notes, references, faxes, discussions, emails and correspondence between staff, clients and third parties.

How our procedure works

We will ensure that all clients, staff and any experts instructed are informed of ILLC confidentiality policy at the earliest opportunity. ILLC will ensure its confidentiality policy is explained to all its clients and staff.

ILLC will only request and retain information that is necessary for its’ clients’ specific purposes, including information necessary to assess their immigration requirements. We will request and keep information that are relevant to our clients’ matters. We will not seek information from our clients and third parties that is not pertinent to our client’s case.

We will make sure all information relating to our clients is only accessible to members of our staff who require it in order to carry out their work.

ILLC will use your this data to communicate with the agencies only as authorised by you and would not approach any other third parties without obtaining your prior consent.

If we consider that obtaining professional evidence, e.g. medical report, might be beneficial for your case or it is necessary to liaise with other agencies or professionals (e.g. barristers) in order to produce quality work and complete your case, we will always try to obtain your consent and inform you of any implications.

Disclosure of Information

In general, we will ask for our client’s consent before we share their information or disclose it outside of ILLC.

Disclosure of confidential information without client consent will be exceptional and will only occur when:
• It is required by law
• It is required by a court order; and
• the organisation is under a legal or regulatory obligation or duty to do so.

ILLC will contact you via your preferred methods of contact only in order to complete your instructions, update you about the progress of your case or for marketing purposes.

How we store Information

All information relating to our clients are safeguarded on our computers for five years and originals and copies of application forms and supporting documentation are stored in a secure environment. ILLC will keep all confidential records in locked cabinets.

ILLC retains all client records for a minimum of six years.

ILLC is committed to acting responsibly when handling all client information and data but

You can stop us sending you marketing communications
You can stop us tracking how you use our site
You can delete or change the information which you have given us at any time, using any of our contact details.